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Restore Dignity and Comfort in Old Age


The elders of Tibet are the culture's wisdom bearers. These elders have lived through especially brutal periods of hardship, lack, and change over the last half century. Today, with the disruption of the nomadic way of life, younger people are abandoning the region for the big cities, leaving the elders without social support. With no family members to provide care, these elderly face immense hardships. All are painfully poor, and most are sick and disabled. The elders represent the region's most needy and disadvantaged residents.

Achi Elder Care provides subsistence support to the most needy and disadvantaged elders living in Tajuk and neighboring villages. These elders live in dire poverty, have been abandoned by their families or have no family to care for them, and suffer from severe illness or physical disabilities. With no support, these elderly face immense hardships and suffering.


Gar Relief has identified 32 of the neediest elders living in Tajuk and the surrounding areas. To help meet their daily needs, we provide each elder with a daily stipend to cover the cost of food, clothing, and basic medical care. We also provide a stipend of $150/month each to two local caretakers who assist with elder care. A small gift goes a long way to help to lessen their suffering. Consider making a monthly sustaining donation.

  • USD 47/month or USD 564/year provides an elder with food, clothing, and basic medical care

  • Make a sustained monthly donation in any amount

  • Make a one-time donation in any amount

  • 100% of your donation goes directly to elder care

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