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Gar Relief is now on Facebook!  (13 June 2013)

Tell all your friends to "like" our new Facebook page to help us spread the word about all the great work we do.And don't forget to

check out our new Web site: Our application for tax-exempt status has been submitted, and we are looking

forward to a favorable outcome soon!

It’s official! (24 August 2013)


We just received notification that Gar Relief has been granted 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt public charity status by the US Internal Revenue Service.

For our US-based supporters, that means your donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. For our international donors, please check with the laws in your country of residence to learn whether your donation is tax deductible.

Help us celebrate our newly earned tax-exempt status by making a donation today!

Donate to Gar Relief via Ammado (13 December 2013)


Friends from Singapore can now donate to Gar Relief via Ammado! Please visit Choose to donate in Singapore dollars, United States dollars or other currencies! Besides Ammado, friends from other countries can donate via Gar Relief's official website or Facebook.


新加坡的朋友們現在有個新渠道Ammado(上述的網頁 )以新幣,美金或其他貨幣捐款給噶爾援助會!除了這個新平台,來自他國的朋友也可繼續上我們的官方網頁和Facebook捐款。

Bendurya Medical Clinic (23 April 2013) 


Storage of Medicine is only kept on the shelf before, but with your generous donation, we have new and clean storage for equipment and medicines. The Bendurya Medical Clinic is a dignified place for residents to access basic, low-cost healthcare.

Meet Samten Wangmo (24 July 2013) 

She is a remarkable 107 years old.
And even more remarkable, Samten Wangmo is healthy! Her vision is strong and she can walk and communicate well. ...
Samten Wangmo was born in Tajuk , resides at the Gargon Nunnery. Financially she is also supported by her nephew with great difficulties. Because of your donations to Achi Elder Care, Gar Relief can provide Samten Wangmo with food, warm clothing and shoes, and other basic needs. Donate now to Achi Elder Care to ensure Samten Wangmo, and other elders like her, can live comfortably and with dignity in their old age.

Adopt-A-Child (19 May 2014)

Dear friends, we are please to enlist your kind adoption of a child on a yearly basis towards helping these children in the remote region of the Tibetan plateau to receive education. Here are some profiles of our adorable kids... that you can pick from. Do connect with us at and let us know which child you would like to adopt or if you require more information about your adopted child. You may then pledge your adoption fees via Paypal or Ammado by a one-time off donation of USD600 OR select the monthly recurring payment method at USD50 if you like to pay on a monthly basis for twelve months. For more information, do visit our website at We look forward to finding

these lovely kids a parent from afar that cares! See More

Gift of love (02 June 14)


Dear Friends of Gar Relief,

This summer, we have a group of volunteers from Singapore visiting the Gar Tajuk village. The volunteers are excited to meet our students, teachers, caretakers, old folks and villagers there. Some gift of love lining up in the preparation are:

1. Hydro power to light up the entire village for about 30-40 families

 2. 32 sets of new clothings including tops and trousers for the children

 3. 60 pairs of socks for the old folks and villagers

 4. 40 torch lights for the old folks

 5. School aid materials ie. stationeries, color pencils, crayon, drawing blocks, soccer balls and hand balls for the children's extra curriculum activities etc.

 5. Medical supplies for the free clinic and so on as we plan along the way depending on the donations we receive...

Therefore, you may like to make any amount of donation for this good cause and we would greatly appreciate your kindle of thoughts by delivering there. If you have anything in mind that you would like to add on to the list, do drop us message on Facebook or write to us at

Gar Relief founder Ven. Dorzin Dhondrup Rinpoche will speak about Gar Relief at the below locations in the USA. Please Join us if you are anywhere nearby!  (6 June 2014)


June 10 2014: Meditation and Talk—How Gar Relief Works to Strengthen Communities in Tibet

Kirkland, Washington.

For more information contact: Anavadya Taylor


June 19: Public Talk—How Gar Relief Works to Strengthen Communities in Tibet

The Ark Bookstore Santa Fe, New Mexico 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

For more information contact: CJ Ondek at

Gar Relief Mission in Seattle, Washington, USA  (6 June 2014)


Venerable Dorzin Dhondrup Rinpoche publicly announces the Gar Relief Mission in Seattle, Washington, USA. For the first time he shares his vision for Gar Relief and the importance of such a charitable organization. He describes specifically how the organization will proceed to accomplish it's mission. The group gathers for this exciting event:

Necessities and related items for the school children  (13 June 2014)


Till date, our excited volunteers have prepared these necessities and related items for the school children, old folks and villagers to bring up in their visit to Tajuk village that is going to happen this June end. Sets of winter clothings, school stationaries and medical supplies will be assisted by the teachers and doctor to buy along the way. Stay tune for more updates!

Story shared by donor (18 June 2014) 


My daughter asked me," What is Daddy doing in Eastern Tibet? " I told her that daddy and a group of volunteer will be visiting the remote Tajug Village at Yushu, Eastern Tibet. The purpose is to set up Hydro power in order to provide electricity for the poor families and the children will have good education with better facilities. The volunteer will also visit and distribute monthly allowance to the old folk.
I pass a brochure to her and asked if she is willing to help? She hesitated and agreed to donate ten dollars. When i suggested a portion of her daily allowance to be donated to Gar relief, she agreed wholeheartedly. I 'm glad that she is more mature now and willing to help others with an open heart.
I hoped she will continue to do that in the future, stay kind and compassion always!


我女儿问我“爸爸去西藏做什么”。我告诉她爸爸和 Gar Relief 的义工要去西藏,玉树,落后的 Tajuk 村协助那里穷苦的人民安装水电好让那里的小朋友能够有更好的设施上学受教育。与此同时也会去那里探望穷苦无依的老人,给与他们日常所需与一些钱。我递了一张传单给她看,然后问她能否也发心帮助他们,起初她犹豫了一下,后来就说“ok”说要捐$10。我给了她意见说“不如你每日把一部份上学的零用钱捐给 Gar Relief 好吗”?她既然很乐意的答应了!比起以前,我女儿懂事多了!她的这一颗乐于帮助他人的心让我感到很欣慰,希望她在未来的日子里也能够热心帮助他人,永远保持一颗善良,向善的心。思慧,妈妈要给你一个 “赞”。


Our first batch of volunteers from Singapore has excitedly embarked on their missionary trip to Tajuk village this morning! They are all geared and ready to meet the folks there. We wish them a safe and fulfilling journey!

Ven. Dorzin Dhondrup Rinpoche discussed the work and mission of Gar Relief (30 June 2014)


On Monday, for the first time in Albuquerque, the founding place of the organisation, at the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque. Debra Denker showe...d a clip of her film, "We Are All Mothers," which gives a visual tour of the region. After a short meditation, Rinpoche shared his vision for Gar Relief and the importance of such a charitable organization. He described specifically how the organization will proceed to accomplish it's mission, and the attendees were left with a better understanding about life on the world's rooftop.



Meeting with H.E Garchen Rinpoche  (11 August 2014)


The board members and founder Venerable Dorzin Dhondrup Rinpoche of Gar Relief had a meeting with H.E Garchen Rinpoche in Singapore today. We updated Rinpoche about our progress for the past 3 years since we started this project and also presented the outlook for future plans to him. Rinpoche has said that the intention of helping those needy people in the remote areas is very important since it creates benefit and happiness for the people. It is wonderful if everyone can think about the future of these people and all who help are actually accumulating great merits.


Our adoption booth for both the children and elderly were well-received by the public.

Looking forward to your continuous support!  (16 August 2014)



A small group of friends in Seattle gather to support a small group of friends in Tajuk!

Kindness Counts!!!  (27August 2014)

Environmental Day in Tajuk village  (7 September 2014)


See photos of Tajuk villagers that were all geared up with disposable plastic gloves and garbage bags during the Environmental Day! Everyone were doing their part by picking up garbages while the important message of being responsible to ma...intain the cleanliness and hygiene of their homes by not littering around freely was brought across. Countless dumps such as clothes, rags, shoes, plastic bottles, food packaging, glass bits and so on had filled up a truck full of load that were driven to town for disposal.. At the end of the day was a refreshing village with happy residents

Horrendous interior and exterior of the school building (14 September 2014)


Look at the horrendous interior and exterior of the school building where our children study, dine and play in most of the time. The building were made of simple materials such as soil and ashes. Cracks and holes were heavily formed over with the extreme weather condition in Tajuk. While these pictures were taken in summer, rain water were seen leaking and seeping through the ceiling and walls to all corners causing corrosion and slippery grounds. Gar Relief is currently planning for a new building with proper structure and construction materials to provide the students, teachers and villagers a safer place for their activities. Details of the plan for the new school building will be updated soon.

Smile as you shop on Amazon! YOU SHOP. AMAZON GIVES. (27 September 2014)

You can help to donate to Gar Relief effortlessly by choosing Gar Relief when you check out from your shopping cart.
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Lama Sonam, the translator for our volunteers during their visit to Tajuk village in summer.

(25 October 2014)


He is native to the village and also a Lama from Gar monastery. In one of the session, Lama Sonam is revising Tibetan alphabets with the Grade 1 students and has ernestly shared with us on the needs and challenges that both the school and villagers are facing.

The current kitchen and food storage room in the school. (10 November 2014)

Meeting with Garchen Rinpoche (4 September 2017)

The board members and founder Venerable Dorzin Dhondrup Rinpoche of Gar Relief had a meeting with H.E Garchen Rinpoche when he is in Singapore. We updated Rinpoche about our progress for the past year and Rinpoche is pleased as the organisation creates benefit and happiness for the people and all those who help are actually accumulating great merits.


Annual summer picnic  (18 october 2017)

It's the time of the year when flowers and weeds are standing tall in the meadow. The annual Summer picnic for the students of the Tajuk school took place there and then in late August. Some twenty students with a combination of current and newcomers turned up. The teachers lined up some fun-filled activities for the students in the grass field and simple food goodies were prepared and served by the kitchen staff behind the scene. Thanks to the dedicated teachers and staff, the students were able to enjoy schooling in warmth! 


Prize giving ceremony  (21 april 2018)

In January 2018, after Tajuk villagers were taught for a month, a prize giving ceremony was jointly planned by the Gargon Lamas and villagers.

Tajuk students wearing brilliant Tibetan costume performed, danced and sung in this joyful and happy occasion.

The villagers from Tajuk were taught new words in the updated Tibetan dictionary and how to use these words for a month. These new Tibetan words are to explain, examples of modern appliances and modern technologies that were not in traditional Tibetan language.

The Lamas from Gargon also taught the villagers on how to do prayers.

Villagers were taught and encouraged to use proper and traditional Tibetan language in their daily lives in this one month.

At the end of the month long teaching, prizes were given to selected villagers who could read, speak and write clearly in proper Tibetan language during this celebration.

Gargon also gave an appreciation letter to the principal, Rinchen Tsering of the Tajuk school teacher for his more than 10 years of dedicated service for the school and students.


Gar Relief New School Building Campaign has finally kickstarted  (25 april 2018)


Gar Relief New School Building Campaign has finally kickstarted its first phase of ground breaking! The existing buildings are in the midst of being demolished while the new ones are going to be build and completed in three months from now. It is so much appreciated that this big step can be taken off with all the support and donations from donors near and far. Updates on the construction progress will be posted. Stay tune!


Gar Relief volunteers visited students and old folks in Tajuk village and Nangchen (14 May 2018)


This spring, Gar Relief volunteers visited students and old folks in Tajuk village and Nangchen. Snow were still falling and created many beautiful white moments. Though cold, smiley faces and hearts touched brought warmth to one another.


Gar Relief Education ( 29 june 2019)



We are pleased to announce that the education fund will be 100% channeled to support students pursuing higher education in Nangchen city.

Up to then, both Tajuk Elementary School students and alumni who have progressed to further studies in Nangchen were supported by Gar Relief. Now that Tajuk Elementary School is receiving full support by the local bodies, Gar Relief shall wholly support students receiving education in Nangchen.

The support for healthcare Bendurya Free Clinic and Achi Elder Care are rendered the same.

Thank you for your continuous support!

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