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A Simple Solution That Save Lives


People living Nangchen are exposed to a harsh, high-altitude climate with scant vegetation and poor nutrition, conditions that usually lead to overall general poor health. Yet basic healthcare for poor residents in remote villages is non-existent. To receive medical care, residents have to travel long distances and many die en route. Many often forego healthcare altogether. Simple wounds cripple and fester, and minor illnesses have serious consequences due to a lack of proper medical attention.

The closest hospital to Tajuk village for emergency or critical care with surgical capabilities is in Jyekundo (Yushu), about a 9-hour drive in a reliable vehicle when the road is passable, or several days on foot or horseback. There is also a clinic in Sharda, the Nangchen County seat, about a 4-hour drive from Tajuk. Since most villagers and nomads do not have vehicles, they have difficulty reaching these towns even when the road is drivable.

Residents have significant health care needs, many chronic and some critical. Common ailments are respiratory illness from exposure to smoke from burning yak dung or wood for heating and cooking, gastrointestinal problems, gallbladder disease, hypertension and malnutrition. Eye disorders are also common from exposure to the strong ultraviolet rays in high altitudes.

Women and children are especially vulnerable. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 1 in 33 births results in the mothers death, compared with 1 in 2,800 in developed countries. Approximately 1 in every 8 newborns does not survive. In the year 2000, life expectancy at birth was reported as 59.3 years for males and 62.0 years for females.

Many health issues can be prevented with simple solutions. Education around personal hygiene, diet and nutrition, and regular medical check ups can make a big difference in their health.

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Bendurya Medical Clinic

The Bendurya Medical Clinic is a dignified place for residents to access basic, low-cost healthcare and wound treatment using both Tibetan and Allopathic medicines. The clinic also offers educational programs around hygiene and preventative health.

The Bendurya Medical Clinic represents a milestone for Tajuk and the surrounding area. Before Bendurya Clinic was established, the nearest clinic was hours away by car, which few residents have, and even longer by foot or horseback. The nearest hospital is a nine-hour drive on impassable roads or several days by foot or horseback. Many patients died en route or did not seek treatment and died of their ailments. Now, because of your donations, hundreds of residents in Tajuk and surrounding areas have access to lowcost, basic medical care and health education. Dr. Norde, a trained Tibetan doctor, heads the clinic. He is assisted by one nurse.

Gar Relief provides funding to support purchases of essential medical supplies, equipment and medicines as well as wages for the doctor and nurse. The clinic is still in the start up phase, and funding is needed to purchase essential medical equipment and supplies to build operational capacity.

With your help, basic healthcare is more accessible than ever. But more must be done to meet local medical needs.

  • USD 360 pays for a month's supply of medicine

  • USD 200 covers Dr. Norde's wages for one month

  • A sustained monthly donation in any amount helps keep the clinic open

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