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We strive to make a sustainable, long-term positive impact on the quality of life of the people we serve.




Improve Gar Tajuk Elementary School building facilities "Barren" describes the Gar Tajuk Elementary School building, which was built using simple materials, has no electricity, broken windows, dilapidated furniture, and meager school supplies. Renovating the school facilities, including adding solar panels to generate electricity, will provide a better learning environment for the children.

Grow the scope of Bendurya Clinic to provide maternal health care and other identified health care issues and expand the clinic's facilities In poor rural communities on the Tibetan Plateau, pregnancy brings the risk of death for many women. Most women do not receive prenatal care during their pregnancies, and almost all deliveries occur at home attended by untrained family members. Up to one in five children die before their second birthday. Our goal is to grow Bendurya Clinic's capability and expand the clinic's facilities to provide maternal health care and education on hygiene and sexually transmitted diseases and train local women as midwives.

Sponsor a team of international healthcare practitioners to visit the area and provide intensive care, immunizations and an eye clinic

Improve area infrastructure such as building more secure bridges, improving road conditions, and providing solar panels.

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