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We are an international, all volunteer charitable organization. Because volunteers and sponsors cover administrative expenses, 100% of your donation goes directly to benefit our projects and the Tibetan people.



Gar Relief's current work is focused in and around the rural, improverished village of Tajuk in Nangchen County. This are is remote and underdeveloped, with rugged mountains, rudimentary roads, and a harsh climate. Except for limited solar panel capacity, the area has no electricity and no running water. 



One of the best ways to build local communities is to educate the children. We believe education, more than anything else, strengthens human capacity and helps people to take control of their lives and break poverty's vicious grip.

Gar Relief Education

Health Care


People living Nangchen are exposed to a harsh, high-altitude climate with scant vegetation and poor nutrition, conditions that usually lead to overall general poor health. Yet basic healthcare for poor residents in remote villages is non-existent.

Bendurya Clinic

Elder Care


The elders of Tibet are the culture's wisdom bearers. These elders have lived through especially brutal periods of hardship, lack, and change over the last half century

Achi Elder Care

News Update

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Our Vision

We strive to make a sustainable. long term positive impact on the quanlity of life of the people we serve.



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New Building!

Check out the updates on the new school building built with the  generosity of Gar Relief donors!

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GAR RELIEF, PO Box 25565, Albuquerque,

New Mexico 87125,USA USA: +1.505.242.6719/ SINGAPORE:+65.9799.0080


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